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Consistent and accurate bookkeeping can be extremely stressful. It can be even more stressful when you are the one responsible for every aspect of it. We take care of every transaction you make. You get the most detailed look at how your church or non-profit is doing and can have the confidence to share with your staff, members & elders what is happening in the most accurate way possible.

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We are here to take care of the daunting task of keeping your payroll in order. All records are organized and recorded. Your employees are getting paid on time. Your taxes are accurate. Your job just got easier! You get the peace of mind to know that payroll will happen. All so you can focus on what only you can do.

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Your website is the front door to your ministry. We design great websites to help engage digital visitors and turn them into in-person guests to your church on the weekends. You shouldn’t have to choose between paying 5 figures or becoming a web designer in order to have an engaging website. We offer stunning website design, speedy support and secure hosting all at an affordable cost!

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Most SEO experts out there seem to only care about how much money they make from you and not about growing your church. Mission Support is different, where our first and primary concern is about getting you results. We’re in the business to help support your mission. We are confident that our high quality search engine optimization will help your church and take your church to the next level.

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An intentional, cohesive brand helps you effectively communicate what is unique about your church. Articulate your mission in a way that connects with people in your community through our custom brand guide. Our branding specialists help you use your brand guide to create a stunning logo, color palette and great copy for your website, social media and more!

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Graphics/Video Support

You will be amazed at how outsourcing your graphics and video editing to our media specialists will save you money, free up your time and make your church feel like it has a professional level media department. We support unique one time projects as well as offer monthly comprehensive media support!

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Feel stuck? Our coaches keep you moving forward! Our coaching specialists will help you stay motivated, set goals and clarify an action plan! Don’t go it alone. Our coaching framework makes sure you stick to your goals and create tangible results. Getting a coach is the best investment you can make in yourself.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning isn’t just about creating a plan, it’s about releasing the tools to equip others around you so the plan is fulfilled utilizing all available resources. This process is a team event and will create dividends that will pay off year after year. Mission Support will work with you to build a comprehensive solution based on your needs and help you fulfill your projects.

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Church Plants

Church Plants need Unique Support!
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