We understand what churches need because we’ve all worked for churches!

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Remember that moment you first felt called to ministry?

It probably wasn’t a calling to do bookkeeping, payroll and website design.

You didn’t go into ministry to deal with taxes or to edit video.

You went into ministry to help people know God!

Helping you fulfill your calling is our calling!

Whatever you need, we have talented people passionate about supporting you in carrying out your mission.

Our specialists bring years of experience both inside and outside of ministry to their area of expertise. You can count on having someone who is not just an expert in their field, but also someone who understands the unique demands of ministries and non-profits.

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Payroll management

graphic design




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1. We Love the Local Church
2. We Love the Mission of Jesus
3. We Love Supporting Pastors

Mission Support has been such a blessing to our church! Their expertise and dedication to step in where needed, takes the stress off of our team. I’d highly recommend them to your ministry!

Matt Mitchell

Lead Pastor, Potter's Hand Bible Church

“The Mission Support team helped our church produce an incredible annual report that we could never have done in house.  Also, they did it for a price that was incredibly reasonable.  Mission Support was incredibly easy and professional to work with and gave us a great product.”

Corey Alley

Lead Pastor, SoJo Church

How many

People Have You Missed?

How much time do you spend doing things outside your calling?

How many ministry opportunities have you missed because you were focused on things like graphic design, bookkeeping, and video editing?

How many people have missed out on your ministry because you didn’t know how to clearly communicate about your ministry in a way they could understand?

How many of your ministry goals have been unrealized because you didn’t have a coach to guide and keep you focused?

We want to be the support you’ve been missing!

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